Michelle starting training in aerial circus in 2008 under the impression she was just picking up a hobby. Since then she has trained with Vulcana Women’s Circus, Trix Circus and Flipside Circus in a number of disciplines including Static Trapeze, Tissu, Lyra, Cloud, Acro-Balance, Hula-Hoop and Tightwire.

She has performed with Vulcana Women’s Circus (FLUID, TIPPING POINT, THE MAGNIFICENT MONSTER CIRCUS, THE GRAVE EFFECTS OF NOTABLE WOMEN, STRING THEORY); Woodford Folk Festival (CABARET RED); Playon Productions (NAKED) The Shift Ensemble (LUSTER); and Violet & Veruca (HOLEPUNCH). She loves creating work with unlikely objects and devising with other mad individuals.

She’s currently based in London, occasionally teaching at Flying Fantastic and hanging off everything she can find.